Brewing Point is a dance studio based in Manila that specializes on Hiphop dancing. Since 2003, Brewing Point Dance Studio has been providing a dance venue for different campus-based and professional dance groups. It has been our commitment ever since to support, help promote and develop the industry of performing arts by training the next generation of artists.

Open 7 days a week, Brewing Point Dance Studio holds group classes and dance workshops of different styles of hiphop, all of which are open to both beginners and experienced performers. The studio aims to share the knowledge and skills of our world class choreographers by providing an atmosphere of growth and encouragement. Through group classes, workshops and trainings, we hope to aid our students to reach mastery level as dancers, choreographers, artists and professional instructors.

PM SmallMadelle Enriquez-Paltu-ob and Prince Paltu-ob, a husband and wife team, are the directors of Brewing Point Dance Studio. They have both been very involved in the hiphop dance scene since 2003. Both were members of the 2-time 2006 and 2008 World Hiphop Dance Champions, The Philippine Allstars. This has allowed them to be immersed in the culture of hiphop from travelling in different countries for competitions and dance battles.

Madelle started training with the Company of One from Miriam College. Then she became part of the 2004 Philippine hiphop team that was sent to compete in the World Hiphop Dance Championship in L.A. She has been working at Brewing Point Dance Studio as a hiphop dance instructor. Now, she is a certified Zumba Instructor and is currently the studio manager.

Prince spent many years training in Taiwan. Although he is best known for Locking, he is also skilled in Popping and Hiphop. His mentors in hiphop are the Philippine Allstars. He is currently a member and head of Tha Project, the founder of the first Filipino funkstyle group, PinoyFunkin Style and the trainer of Collab Crew. He recently competed in Juste Debout in Paris France (2010) and Max Party in Taiwan (2010) (2011). He won in the 1 on 1 Popping ang Locking Category of The Illest Cypher, Singapore (2010) and Universal Tatoo Club Freestyle Street Dance Battle (2011).

In the last three years, the studio was able to launch successful summer workshop programs: As I Am (2008), Danceheads (2009) and Back to Dance (2010). Now, together with the growing BP Fam and BP’s team of Instructors, they are able to make The Revolution (2011) a success.



Artist development is a private dance lesson; the students will work one-on-one with an instructor, receiving personalized instruction and immediate correction. For students who are hesitant to join the group classes, this program will help build confidence in their movement and in themselves. This service is also perfect for up coming artists who want performance workshops. We have an excellent artist development program that will increase one’s stage presence and movement. With our very fresh and personal approach, we combine imagination and innovation with swagger to make you look and feel good about yourself and your performance.


Offered to different high schools and colleges that are in need of a creative consultant for their dance crews. We can design a specialized program that will provide dance training, performance workshops and competition choreography services.


We customize various types of corporate packages to tailor to the office executives and professionals. It may include concept and choreography services, fitness classes, company events, performances and studio rentals for rehearsals.


A routine will be taught by the choreographer and the students will have a chance to perform it in the studio at the end of the session. Classes will be offered at every level from basic through advanced. In addition, Specialty Classes will be offered for children and teens. We will also be having international choreographers giving Master Dance Classes.


Dance workshops are a series of group classes that focuses on a certain dance style. The workshop consists of 8 or 12 sessions in a period of one or two months. Students will be able to specialize in their chosen dance style. Usually, dance workshops are followed by a dance recital that will showcase the students and what they have learned.


The studio is open to other dance groups that need a place to rehearse or hold workshops in.